Scrapbook - click on a pic to see a larger image.

BEFORE FLIPPING THROUGH THIS SCRAPBOOK, Y'ALL SHOULD KNOW THAT... I'm a very PROUD and PROTECTIVE mother hen. Sorry, but there are no sweet baby photos in this scrapbook. If you wanted to cop a glimpse of plaster crotches or shoulder boulders, check UPCUMMING EVENTS for sightings now and in the future.

Bonding over a bagel with Freddie of the Dreamers

On my way home from art college, 1965

The Original Plasters of Chicago

Me and new recruit Dianne P. Caster, circa 1968

"Publicity shot," mid 1970's

Buzzcock Pete Shelley and Cock Lover

Supergroovy Pamela Des Barres propping me up during my trial, 1993

I'm With The Legend, 1995

Caster and Castee Mike Diana (#00053)

Sally Timms (#00013 and 00014) and Jon Langford (#00039) doing the Mekon at the Lounge Axe, Chicago

Feelin' no pain with Shane MacGowan

My first ever castee (and total NON-dickhead) Joel Coplon (#00002)

Jake Shillingford toasting his own sweet baby (#00062)

Me and Michael Feinberg, D.D.S. - dental mold supplier and dear friend

My "first" guitar lesson with 5ive-Style guitarist Bill Dolan (#00067)

Me and the Honorable Geoff Glass giving the judicial system a thumbs up

The Demolition Doll Rods - my first complete set. Christine (#00003 and 00004) Margaret (#00005 and 00006) Danny (#00065