NEW YORK FRIENDS AND ART LOVERS! PLASTER'S COMING TO TOWN - for the opening of British artist MARK LECKEY's first U.S. comprehensive survey "Containers and Their Drivers" at MoMa PS1. Mark and I collaborated on one of the installations, in which certain plaster casts play a role. My Babies are THRILLED TO THE BONE being part of this celebration to Mark's awesome genius and vision. Their proud mama will be there opening night October 23rd, wine-tasting and crotch-watching. Please come visit!
NOTE: Mark’s and my installation is still a work in progress and will not be on display until further notice. It must be picture-perfect and will be worth the wait! Meanwhile, you should go see the amazing “Containers and Their Drivers” at MoMa PS1 through March 5, 2017.

I've decided to branch out and take on some commissions. No dicks, just tits. Women or men. These casts would not be part of my infamous collection. They would be for YOUR OWN art collection. To display on the wall in your living room - or someone else's bedroom! I cast each breast individually so they come as two separate entities, with hooks for optional wall hanging. Signed and hand-labelled. Keep in mind, it takes up to a week for the casts to be ready after the mold is made. Also, just so you know, the process is very clinical. My role as mold and plaster mixer requires lots of concentration. The semi-chilly mold could serve as the "fluffer" for your nipples". For $500, get your breasts PLASTER CASTED FOR POSTERITY! To make arrangements, email me at plasterpoo@gmail.com to make arrangements.

They say that buying art is a solid investment. Talk about SOLID...Hey! Speaking of the infamous collection, how would you like to own a "SWEET BABY" PLASTER CAST? Custom-made to order, select casts of various musicians are available in limited editions of 30 - including the "Penis de Milo", JIMI HENDRIX's cast, which is almost sold out. For current prices and availability, HARD-core collectors can contact me directly at plasterpoo@gmail.com to make arrangements.

I'm also selling drawings that I drew in the mid-60's of beloved rockstars ("Love Portraits"), pre-Plaster Caster daze. More info on that at plasterpoo@gmail.com.

In addition to the "Classic" T-shirt and tank currently for sale, we've got some NEW apparel to add to your wardrobe. Years ago, another manifestation of Plaster madness was in existence: the CynthiaPCaster Foundation. It was a not-for-profit set up to help finance the creative projects of artists and musicians. Thanks to harsh economic times, it's no longer active. While cleaning out my closet recently, I dug up some leftover merchandise: T-SHIRTS and APRONS. Why not sell them, I thought? They're no longer tax-deductible, but still pretty damn cute. The T-shirts are saucy, 2-sided, come in black or white. The aprons are white, one-size-fit-all and personally autographed if you'd like. Perfect to stir up trouble in - as well as dental mold! Wanna check them out? Click here.

I am a proud mama of some very "Sweet Babies". There is also one Big Baby I'm currently nursing - the autobiography I've been forever burning to write. I hope to finish it REAL SOON!

When that way-too-long-time Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley announced that he was stepping down in 2011, I decided to throw my hat into the ring of potential candidates. Regardless of me being a newbie in politics, my party - the Hard Party, made a bit of a dent in the campaign. That was due, in no small part, to the incredible job my team did in promoting my cause. Even though the ERECTion was regrettably won by Rahm-a-lama-ding-dong Emanuel, I got the chance of a lifetime to get my humble Plaster word out. Had I been ERECTed, I would've made a point of being: HARD-ON crime; HARD-ON corruption in City Hall; HARD-ON frivolous budget spending; HARD-ON unemployment (ahhhh, my own platform makes my temperature rise!). AND I would've tried real HARD to find creative ways for economic development in lower income neighborhoods.

Who knows? I might give it another shot next time around, once I finish my main project in life, that aforementioned autobiography I've been working on for decades. Politics just might be the new Rock'n'Roll!

Yours truly had the honor of being presented with a trophy - but not the usual kind on my mantelpiece. On October 29, 2009, conceptual artist Rob Pruitt hosted the the First Annual Art Awards at the Guggenheim Museum. Modelled after the Oscars, awards were given out to different people in the art world. I am the happy recipient of the Rob Pruitt Award! To read more about this extraordinary event, click here.

Fragment Films made a Cockumentary about me, ironically titled "Plaster Caster." It is KICKASS! The camera was rolling during two of the craziest years of my life, and ya gotta see it! It's now available internationally on DVD. Find out more info at plastercaster.com; or go to: Xenon Pictures (U.S.) and Aztec International (Australia). You can also purchase it at amazon.com.

In the summer of 2000, I exhibited my Sweet Babies for the first time ever at Threadwaxing Space in New York, followed by shows elsewhere. Each event was such a hoot, I'm still catching my breath! These babies are ready for more close-ups, Mr. DeMille! I can just see them breaking hearts in London, Japan, Germany, L.A. and of course, Chicago where it all started. Any interested galleries: please contact me at plasterpoo@gmail.com.

"Talking Dick and Tit" is what I call spoken word. I've been known to perform at open-minded universities and rock clubs. The show entails: a brief history; readings from ancient diaries and the detailed notes I take while casting; a show-and-tell of a coupla very sweet babies plus a question/answer period. Interested promoters contact me!

Even though I have no intention of retiring, I think it's time to share my trade secrets with some of you young folks! Plenty of room on the planet for more P. Casters! Dipping dicks and tits is a lot of fun, but it's not that easy. It took years of mishaps with failed dental mold and hard-ons in vain, before I got it down to a science. Rather than designing just another do-it-yourself kit, I thought it would be fun to teach people one on one (or, rather one on two) how to cast their significant other's - significant body parts. Learn the Plaster from the Master!

For $3500, I will walk two lovers, gay or straight, start to finish, through the entire process (approximately two days). This would consist of: mixing dental mold, making the plaster cast, cracking it out of the mold and filing off excess plaster. All materials are included. Your city or mine (Chicago). If I have to travel to your town, my round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations would be in addition to the fee. I'll take notes as per my tradition, and issue a diploma - presuming the course will be passed with flying colors (hey, if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!). Cameras are allowed (but not for commercial purposes).

Just so you know - I won't be doing any casting or stimulating. I'll only be the coach on the sidelines. This is not for MY collection. It's for YOURS! And YOU get to keep the trophies!

To sign up for a session, contact me at plasterpoo@gmail.com.

And the meat goes on...